Development Roadmap
We are building MOVE X – a platform for everyone to buy, trade, and spend any crypto they want.

We have released the revamped vision of MOVE X, a full-cycle platform for buying and trading any crypto - safely and in a decentralized manner.
The new vision targets a much broader market. By increasing the adoption potential and the appeal to investors, it opens a whole new world of possibilities for growth.

Our research shows that up to 30% potential investors churn, trying to purchase cryptos (including MOVE) on typical DEXes like PancakeSwap, simply because it is too difficult to configure. Our community managers receive endless questions about slippage settings, errors, etc.
We are here to change that, including AI price optimization and auto slippage.
People will be able to buy MOVE seamlessly on the website with an easy-to-use interface, significantly increasing the conversion rate. No more worrying about slippage tolerance or errors.
This feature will later evolve to MOVE Xchange, expanding to other tokens.

A well-executed affiliate program is the single most important factor that contributed to top CEX-es outperforming their competitors on a crowded market.
With MOVE X Rewards, everyone will be able to earn MOVE by receiving commissions on token sales, and purchasers will receive extra MOVE when buying the token using their referral codes.
Let’s make MOVE go viral in a win-win scenario for everyone!

MOVE Xchange will allow you to trade any crypto with the best price, using our AI Price Prediction models (up to 15% better rates). The feature will also serve as an engine for MOVE X Onboard, the crypto onramp feature.
We aim to make the platform streamlined and accessible to further reduce the entry barrier for new crypto investors.

The long-awaited staking feature is here! Stake your MOVE and multiply your earnings just by depositing your tokens on the platform - it’s that simple.
The flexible staking plan allows users to deposit and withdraw MOVE at anytime, without the need to lock tokens up for a long period of time.

The first addition to the MOVE X platform will be the Polygon blockchain. Our goal is to bring the core features of MOVE X to other blockchains in order to become a truly all-in-one platform for the decentralized crypto world.

An absolute “killer feature” of MOVE X, which has the potential to drive the platform adoption (and crypto as a whole) through the roof.
With MOVE X Onboard, anyone will be able to purchase any crypto with their credit card, directly. You will be able to purchase any token without extra steps. Just like that.

NFT ID will make it simpler for users to transfer funds by using a uniquely assigned, friendly identifier (e.g. @Alice) instead of an Ethereum address. The identifiers will be available as regular NFTs, and the more sought after names can be later made available for auction for the higher resale price.

MarketMove plans to join forces with external partners to offer special deals for MOVE X users. There are numerous companies out there that offer spending crypto for real-world services, from prepaid debit cards, to travel, merchandise, and others.

We will evaluate and design the best possible solutions to bring our platform to the multi-chain and cross-chain worlds.

MOVE X is a platform that constantly evolves, adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the crypto market.
Our goal is to bring the biggest possible exposure and adoption to the platform. Therefore, the roadmap might be adjusted in the future to make sure we are on track with the current market landscape and opportunities.
Other features like limit orders are still a part of the vision. They have been pushed back a bit to let us build solid fundamentals first and reach a broader audience as a result.
MOVE X will initially be available on the Binance Smart Chain, the most popular blockchain by far, where the MOVE token currently trades. After the cycle is completed, we will be exploring possibilities to further expand our offering, bringing cross-chain and multi-chain capabilities.
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