MOVE X Rewards

MOVE X Rewards is the first affiliate program used to promote a token. While the idea itself is nothing new - actually most e-commerce stores use affiliate marketing to great success - no major token has used this technique before. When deployed correctly, affiliate marketing brings viral growth to a platform or store. Here it will ensure a continuous, organic growth of interest and new holders of the MOVE token.

The idea is as follows:

  1. The promoter generates their affiliate code using an interface.

  2. They promote their own, custom generated landing page, to buy MOVE via their link (e.g.

  3. When a user purchases MOVE for the first time, both the user and promoter are rewarded with extra MOVE tokens (3% for the buyer and 3-5% for the promoter, depending on the promoter’s tier and sales volume).

An affiliate program was key to the success of Binance, and thousands of other businesses large and small, expanding way beyond the crypto universe.

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