MOVE X Cross-chain
Provide a long-term holding incentive for MOVE - no DeFi platform is complete without an Earn component.
The MOVE token was launched with the reflections feature, which is a strong offering for holders - each sell generates reflections that are distributed among holders.
However, this does not incentivize long-term holding and can vary significantly depending on the volume on any given day. A better, long-term incentive is staking.
MOVE X Earn now allows users to stake MOVE for a variable APY. In the future farming of the MOVE-BNB pair could be possible, offering users extra rewards in MOVE. By providing liquidity, users can earn additional MOVE.
We are exploring the possibility to further expand MOVE X Earn to aggregate and offer staking and farming rewards across different coins. Similar solutions already exist, but are fragmented, incomplete, and do not have the possibility to assess the safety of a stake or a farm.
With cross-chain technology, it could be possible to optimize yield on farms across different chains, and stake/farm tokens available only on the respective chains.