MOVE X Onboard

Start the crypto journey with us, directly - without ever needing to set up an account on a CEX.
Since most people start their crypto journey by purchasing crypto using fiat money (e.g. credit cards), adoption is limited by the simplicity of how crypto can be bought for fiat. Most of the low market cap coins out there cannot be purchased directly.
Some countries can’t even use most of the onramp services because of strict regulations.
MOVE X will change that.
With MOVE X Onboard you can start your crypto journey by purchasing any cryptocurrency you’d like*, using your credit or debit card, worldwide.
We will make it possible to purchase any* token available (with some possible limitations, e.g. must be listed on CoinMarketCap, etc.) - so that it will be possible to start your crypto journey directly with us, without ever setting foot on a CEX.

How it Works

A user uses their credit card (or other supported payment methods) to make a purchase of a token on the Onboard page. It is handled through our partnership with a payment gateway.
Under the hood, a user purchases BNB** at a market rate using the gateway. We deduct our commission from the received BNB, and the rest is exchanged using MOVE Xchange at the best rate possible using AI Price Matching. The fee is not charged if MOVE is the token being purchased.
Finally, the user receives their token onto their target wallet.

Cooperation with other token teams

Low market cap coins have a difficult time gaining initial traction. Not only do they have to fight for attention with other, renowned, and trusted coins - they typically can’t be listed on major exchanges and need to be bought through DEXes like PCS. Address copying-and-pasting, warnings all over the place can easily repel a prospective buyer.
It can’t be simpler to buy any coin, especially (but not limited to) low market cap coin than via MOVE X Onboard. We're the world's first platform that offers users early access to these gems, and users can purchase it as easily as if it were Bitcoin. The platform will then keep them up to date with their portfolio performance and help them get the best price when they decide to exchange their investment for another token (see MOVE Xchange).
* To avoid abuse from illegitimate dev teams, we will still require manual token vetting. Unvetted tokens will be available for small purchases.
** BNB will be used for the Binance Smart Chain. Generally, the native token of the particular chain will be used, e.g. ETH for Ethereum. Most liquidity pools on any given chain are paired with their native token anyway.