MOVE X Onboard

Start the crypto journey with us, directly - without ever needing to set up an account on a CEX.

Since most people start their crypto journey by purchasing crypto using fiat money (e.g. credit cards), adoption is limited by the simplicity of how crypto can be bought for fiat. Most of the low market cap coins out there cannot be purchased directly.

Some countries can’t even use most of the onramp services because of strict regulations.

MOVE X changes that.

With MOVE X Onboard you can start your crypto journey by purchasing cryptocurrency, using your credit or debit card, worldwide.

Combined with Xchange, we make it possible to purchase any token available - so that it will be possible to start your crypto journey directly with us, without ever setting foot on a CEX.

No KYC required!

You can buy up to 100,000 CHF a year (1,000 CHF a day) without providing any sort of identity verification. Larger amounts are also possible, but require a straightforward process of KYC facilitated by our partner, Mt. Pelerin.

No matter if KYC is provided, MarketMove does not process or store any of the user's information, including user's e-mail or phone number as well as personal data. The data is processed solely by Mt. Pelerin and governed by their Terms and Conditions.

How it Works

  1. A user uses their credit card (or other supported payment methods, like wire transfer) to make a purchase of a major cryptocurrency, e.g. BNB or BUSD, on the Onboard page. It is handled through our partnership with a payment gateway. The purchased token is credited to user's wallet on a selected chain. The Onboard service supports all chains available in the MarketMove app.

  2. Once the funds arrive, the user can now use Xchange to swap freshly acquired major token to almost any crypto from one of our supported chains.

Global Availability

The service is available for citizens of 171 countries!

Unfortunately, US and Russian citizens are not supported right now. See full list of excluded countries on Mt Pelerin's website.

Supported Cryptos and Fiat Currencies

MOVE Onboard directly supports the following currencies:

  • BNB - Binance Coin

  • BTCB - Binance Bitcoin pegged token

  • BUSD - Binance-peg BUSD token

  • jCHF - Jarvis Synthetic Swiss Franc

  • jEUR - Jarvis Synthetic Euro

  • jGBP - Jarvis Synthetic British Pound (off ramp only)

  • jZAR - Jarvis Synthetic South African Rand (off ramp only)

  • USDC - USD Coin

  • USDT - Tether USD

  • WETH - Wrapped Ether

Fiat-to-Crypto and Crypto-to-Fiat Processing (cryptos other than MOVE)

Fiat to Crypto and Crypto to Fiat transactions (onramp and offramp) are not processed by MarketMove, but by our partner - Mt. Pelerin AG (Switzerland), except for MarketMove.

Any support inquiries regarding deposits or withdrawals should be passed directly to Mt. Pelerin AG, using their dedicated support page.

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