MOVE Xchange

Did you know that you can save up to 15% on certain trades on DEX?

The DEX ecosystem is heavily fragmented and difficult to grasp for a user. There are currently 30 different DEXes on the Binance Smart Chain alone, each offering different tokens to trade (and differing in price). That poses several challenges to a user, who may churn and often doesn't feel secure when dealing with a DEX:

  • It is not obvious how (and where) to get the best price of a token pair (e.g. BNB-BUSD). This problem is especially relevant to stablecoin exchanges.

  • Lesser-known tokens require address copying and pasting, which is an additional roadblock and adds to already high friction which deters users from using DEXes and turns them to easier to grasp centralized exchanges.

  • Setting slippage can be difficult and counterintuitive, and users often churn when faced with these settings.

  • Manual trading on DEX results in an often suboptimal rate of a swap. With the right use of AI, the price difference between a manual swap and an AI-optimized swap is often as high as 15%.

AI-based Price Optimization

MOVE Xchange will use AI to find the best path for swapping tokens at the best price, using liquidity pool arbitrage (differences in prices within liquidity pools).

It often makes sense to do a few "hops" from exchange to exchange, using different intermediary tokens, to arrive at the best price. It is found that using this algorithm it’s often possible to arrive at a better rate that can reach in some instances reach 15%.

The entire operation is atomic (as guaranteed by the smart contract).

AI will discover new arbitrage opportunities and leverage the existing ones while they’re still cost-effective, guaranteeing the best rate when swapping two tokens.

Cross-chain arbitrage

While the cross-chain technology is still in development, MOVE X plans to extend the AI price optimization to leverage price differences across multiple chains. This way you can get an even better rate if your target token is traded on multiple chains (and exchanges).

The exact details of the cross-chain AI price optimization technology are still being researched, because cross-chain technology is relatively new and not widely deployed yet.

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